Masterful Cameras is the official photography club of Master Your Camera.  It is aimed at past, current and future clients of Master Your Camera and also open to any photographic enthusiasts with a keen spirit to grow and share in their passion for photography.

Membership will be open to persons who have done a minimum of 3 hours’ training with Denni and also to those who have a good understanding of the primary variables of photography and the core settings of a digital camera. Membership will be acquired for six, or twelve months. Film photographers will be welcome to join, but the emphasis will be on digital photography. *** See COST at bottom of page.

Every month has at least one get-together and every month will have a specified theme. Each get-together session (apart from excursions) will give the opportunity for members to digitally exhibit one, or two, of their photos.

We will make sure that members are exposed to various genres and styles of photography and my, Denni Raubenheimer’s, pledge will be to help each member grow in their technical and artistic photographic skills. We aim to help our clients get from photography what they want to get out of photography (within reasonable expectations) - every person is different (to each his own).

The vision of the club will be to strive to grow in the enjoyment of photography.

What to expect:

-       Committed mentorship from Denni Raubenheimer
-       Encouragement in your photographic successes
-       Constructive critique
-       A relaxed and accepting environment
-       Growth in your photographic knowledge and skills
-       Free notes…
-       Guest speakers at least once every two-three months
-       Monthly opportunities to share at least one photo and receive constructive critique on your photos if you desired it.

What not to expect:

-       Unlimited access to mentorship
-       A facilitator/mentor that thinks he knows everything
-       A typical photographic club

 What will be encouraged:

-       Your passion for photography
-       Growth of your photographic knowledge and skill
-       Acceptance towards different styles and motivations within photography
-       Acceptance and consideration towards other members

Extra thoughts:

-       The most important thing in photography is the enjoyment thereof!
-       There is no substitute for time spent behind your camera
-       If you can not sometimes tell yourself “Well done!”, with at least some of your photos, your photographic passion will get drained
-       Equipment does make a difference, but it is actually completely irrelevant in terms of enjoying photography. Furthermore, good technique and visual skills will always produce superior photos compared to good equipment without the former.
-       Boudoir photography will be allowed for exhibition at the discretion of Denni Raubenheimer, but please keep in mind that a small percentage of members may be minors, and that some members might have strong moral reservations in this regard.


Membership will be acquired for 6 months via a 6 month debit order agreement, or for 12 months via debit order agreement.
6 Month membership will cost R230 per photographer per month.
12 Month membership will cost R200 per photographer per month.
Extra excursions (i.e. club outings and gatherings over-and-above the set monthly get-togethers) will generally involve additional fees. These will vary according to the costs and time involved in their planning and execution.
*** The monthly cost of membership will be revised after the first six months from the club’s commencement. If there is then an adjustment, it will only apply to then-existing members after their first term of membership has expired.

For more information please contact me at, or 072 133 4983.

I hope I will have the opportunity to share my passion for photography with you.

Kind regards,

Denni Raubenheimer
072 133 4983